Monday, May 1, 2023

GRADE Guideline Development Workshop - now with INGUIDE!

We at the U.S. GRADE Network are excited to announce that, for the first time ever, we have partnered with INGUIDE, a credentialing system for guideline developers, to offer free access to their Level 1 online training to participants of our Guideline Development Workshop and Guideline Fundamentals for Panel Members and Organization Staff pre-workshop course. 

This announcement comes just in time for our next workshop, held in Austin, Texas May 17-19, for which there are still spots available at our workshop website.

The INGUIDE program, the result of a collaboration between the Guidelines International Network (G-I-N) and McMaster University, provides certification of individuals involved in guideline development on four successive levels, from a Guideline Panel Member to becoming a Guideline Development Credentialing Instructor themselves. 

To obtain access to the INGUIDE Level 1 course, simply register for and attend our 3-day GRADE guideline development workshop in addition to the pre-workshop course on Guideline Fundamentals for Panel Members and Organization Staff. This 3-hour pre-workshop course will cover all of the necessary information about the practical aspects of guideline development, including:
  • the importance of trustworthy guidelines
  • checklists for the development of guidelines
  • the structure and roles of a guideline panel
  • the process of grading evidence and formulating recommendations
The main 3-day workshop will cover important aspects of assessing risk of bias, rating the certainty of evidence, and considering other important factors when using GRADE to develop a guideline.

Our pre-workshop course combined with our main three-day in-person course will provide all of the training required for a breeze-through experience online. You will receive free access to the ~2-3 hour online course, comprising four modules, that you can complete at your convenience after the workshop. Upon completion, you will be officially certified as an INGUIDE Level 1 Guideline Panel Member.